Anahide Bondolfi Abeco Environnement

Anahide Bondolfi

Founder and Director

Environmental consultant, auditor and trainer

Master of Science in Environment from the University of Lausanne

Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Lausanne

After a Master degree in Environmental Science obtained in 2007, Anahide worked as environmental consultant and project manager for 10 years in two Swiss environmental consulting companies, leBird in Prilly and then Sofies​ in Geneva. In January 2017 Anahide founded Abeco Sàrl. 

Anahide has a technical expertise in several areas of sustainable development, including electronic waste management and eco-labeling. She works as an auditor for about forty dismantling facilities and recyclers of electronic waste in both French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, as a certified auditor for the Travelife ecolabel for hotels, and is trained to be an environmental management systems auditor according to ISO 14001:2015. She knows how to manage projects efficiently. She has been teaching adults in around fifteen institutes and universities. She has also written several articles and newsletters, and participate to the writing of guides. She is chair of the Energy and Environment Commission of the French Consumer Federation (FRC). Anahide has professional experience in French and German-speaking Switzerland, in Tunisia, Egypt, Belgium, Armenia, South Africa and Morocco. She has been traveling to more than 60 countries. She works in French, German and English.